A Languge that goes with the Speed of Light

Ancient/Formal Arabic plays the exact same rule in the Arab and Islamic World like that which Latin plays in Europe and in Christian World perticularly in the fields of Academia, the only difference between these two important languages is that Ancient/Formal Arabic is used and understood by the common people but

Foreign Words in modern Arabic(s)

Modern Arabic dialects contain lots of foreign words. The language or languages which these words came from depend on the country whose dialect is being looked at or studied. Let’s look at the 4 Maghreb countries dropping Murotania from our approach. Libya 🇱🇾 is highly influenced by Italian and there are

Most famous Arabic poet

Al-Mutanabbi, or his full name : Abu Altayyib Ahmad Ibin Alhusayn Al-mutanabbi. There is no doubt that he is the most well-known, most famous, most studied Arabic poet of all time. Formal Arabic language has far more proverbs and sayings from his poems than any other poets through the history of

The Dual Form of Arabic Grammar

Most languages have singular and plural forms, But not ARABIC. Arabic language has that form, which is rarely found in other languages, it is the dual form alongside with the singular and plural forms. So, in Arabic we have a single word that means one of its kind like (man رجل)

Egyptian Modern Arabic

Egyptian Arabic is the modern form of Arabic – among lots of others – which foreigners are most likely going to choose to learn apart from the standard or classical ones. That’s because of its spread, influence and domination over all other modern Arabic dialects

ِArabic written signs

Both Classical and Formal Arabic are written without vowels, that’s because there are no letters representing them, but you – Arabic learners – are fortunate enough that there are signs to represent the vowels which help you spot them when reading. They – the signs – are written either over or

Which Arabic dialect to learn?

If you are interested in learning Arabic, then you will have a choice of choosing the right type of Arabic for you. This can be done by studying the different dialects of Arabic. If we talk about the different dialects of Arabic then there are six main ones: 1- Kufi 2-

how similar Arabic is to Hebrew?

The question of whether Arabic and Hebrew are similar is one that has been asked many times over the centuries. In this article, I will try to give a simple answer here. However, I am aware that this is not an easy question to answer and there may be other points

Is Arabic a difficult language to learn?

The Arab world has 22 recognised sovereign states and it is the official or co-official language in 26 countries. There are over 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide and Arabic belongs to the Semitic language family, which also includes Hebrew and Amharic. For this reason there are dialectical differences in spoken Arabic,